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An 8-week virtual group coaching intensive helping you rebuild a positive relationship with your body and food


Check back soon for Spring 2023 dates!



  • Intuitive eating and mindful movement guidance from a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach

  • Quizzes, worksheets, + challenges to help nourish your fitness and food journey

  • Weekly Coaching Calls on Wednesdays @ 5 pm PST/ 8 pm EST      (Can't make it live? No worries. Replays will be available 24/7 for your convenience!)

  • Bonding with fellow diet culture rebels ready to support each other through their growth and healing

Life is meant to be experienced and savoured, without


  • counting calories and exercising out of obligation

  • comparing your body to others

  • labeling food as good or bad

  • passing down generational body trauma to your kids

  • trying one more diet


You can experience a joyful, fulfilled life that isn't centered around constant dieting and overexercising. 


It's time to dismantle diet culture and body shame and fully experience life through mindful food and fitness practices.

Confident Curvy Woman

Reclaim your freedom 


You've tried every diet out there, fluctuating up and down in weight, and you've finally hit rock bottom.

You've arrived on this page because you've started pondering that maybe there is more to your life than just dieting and overexercising.

You're sick and tired of depriving yourself of certain foods and fearing you'll go overboard if you eat what you actually want. 


With the Emotional Eating Recovery Program, you'll learn how to reclaim your freedom around food and let go of chronic dieting for good so you can create the headspace to live a more intentional and confident life.

What is the Emotional Eating Recovery Program?

A virtual 8-week group coaching intensive designed to help you overcome:

  • Chronic Dieting

  • Emotional Eating

  • Body Shame

  • Self Sabotaging Thoughts

  • Destructive Exercise Behaviour

and other unwelcomed patterns that are getting in the way of living your best life.

By the end of this program you will:

  • Feel completely confident you'll never need to go on another diet again

  • Strengthen your emotional muscles in order to sit with your feelings without using food as a coping mechanism

  • Listen to your body to guide your eating habits

  • Let go of food guilt and shame

  • Banish negative self-talk and rewire your thoughts

  • Become Body Brave by growing to respect and appreciate your body and all that it can do for you

  • Have a healthier relationship with exercise and move with joy, not for punishment

Stressed Woman

What will I learn?

Take a peek at the 8 modules inside the Emotional Eating Recovery Program.




During Week 1, we begin our journey by dismantling toxic diet culture and saying our last goodbyes to those pesky fad diets.


We'll cover:


* Defining diet culture

* Completing personal assessments to identify how diet culture affects your life

* Debunking common diet myths 

* Discovering how to jump off the diet rollercoaster





In week 5, we'll talk about setting boundaries with pro-dieters and how to address eating for emotional comfort. 


We'll cover:


* Identifying what triggers cravings


* Creating healthy coping mechanisms for stress that are non-food related

* Developing a fool-proof self-care action plan for stressful times

* Setting boundaries with "diet talkers" and food pushers




Now that we've let go of diet culture, we'll shift our focus towards our current eating habits and how to eat for nourishment.


We'll cover:


* Discovering your eating type and noticing where there's work to be done

* Defining intuitive eating

* Explaining each stage of intuitive eating

* Learning how intuitive eating is a lifelong, sustainable process 




Our society has largely influenced how we view body image and beauty standards. We'll push aside the "normal" and begin to embrace our unique body types and shapes.


We'll cover:


* Learning how history shaped the way we view our bodies

* Understanding body dissatisfaction and beauty standard toxicity

* Using vulnerability and self-compassion to love the skin you're in

* Letting go of body shame and the body comparison game




In week 3, we'll tackle how to become aware of your body's hunger cues and use them to fuel ourselves properly.


We'll cover: 


* Defining hunger and fullness

* Recognizing what hunger feels like in the body

* Honouring your hunger and using it to guide your food choices

* Uncovering what interrupts our ability to feel true hunger





In Week 7, we'll learn how to silence the Negative Nancy in our heads and transform our self-talk into positive and compassionate statements.


We'll cover:


* Banishing negative self-talk and getting your inner critic to shut up

* Identifying irrational thinking and reframing your thoughts

* Applying the power of meditation and gratitude

* Using affirmations and mantras to empower you into action



We're nearing the halfway point of our program. Now's the time to remove food shame and address eating without limitations.


We'll cover:


* Letting go of food restrictions and labeling food as good or bad

* Eating with satisfaction and pleasure

* Practicing exposure and adjustment tactics to regain self-trust around food

 * Taking back your control around food



In our final week together, we'll talk about exercising joyfully and how to sustain an active lifestyle for the health benefits–and not to overcompensate for what you ate. 


We'll cover:

* Healing your relationship with exercise

* Identifying the benefits of movement that are non-weight related

* Practicing joyful movement

* Ditching the desire to use exercise as a punishment for your food choices

Being Body Brave looks so good on you!

In just 8 weeks you will: 

  • Have significantly shifted binge or emotional eating patterns. Your life no longer revolves around food or "I shouldn't be doing this" moments.

  • No longer rely on diets (or their sneaky counterparts like cleanses, meal plans, calorie counting) to dictate decisions around your health. You understand how diets once consumed your thinking and have the tools to handle inevitable triggers objectively.

  • Uncover confidence you didn’t realise you had - You'll channel a heightened level of self-awareness and know-how to identify unhelpful thinking and effectively respond to it.

  • Feel safe practicing intuitive eating - you can can balance and respond to internal cues (thoughts, feelings, physical body body cues) with external influences (science, culture, community and family) and use use your nutritional knowledge to help you tune in to your body, rather than creating food rules.

  • Choose movement that feels sustainabledeliberate and intended to make you feel good both inside and out.


Meet Your Coach

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Fitness Trainer & Life Coach

Hi, I'm Kelsey! My pronouns are she/her and I am an award-winning, body-positive Health and Fitness Expert based in Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦

You might know me as Healthy with Kelsey on Instagram!

I'm on a mission to help my clients live fully through intuitive eating and joyful movement–because I get it. 


I've been right where you are. Counting calories, constantly weighing myself, and viewing exercise as a form of punishment for my "cheat days."


For years, I battled body dysmorphia and disordered eating. And to top it off, I worked as a certified fitness trainer, focusing solely on diet and exercise. I realized I was putting all my worth and value into my body and teaching others to do the same. 


Thankfully, I discovered intuitive eating and began the work to heal my mentality around food and body image. From that, I learned what joyful living feels like, and I wanted others to experience the same. In 2017, I became a holistic nutritionist to guide others on their path to food and fitness freedom!  


As your coach, my calling is to empower you to take the shame out of your wellness game through joyful movement, making peace with food, and stepping into your power. You deserve to live a whole-hearted and fulfilling life.

I hope you join me on this wild ride to self-discovery!

You may have seen me around...


What Past Clients Have to Say



My shift in perspective around food has been enormous. I've learned

how intersectional diet culture is, how it affects literally everyone and

every part of our lives.


Stepping away from that is something I can't stop talking about to nearly

anvone that will listen these days. Thank you Kelsey for holding my hand,

*figuratively* through my

intuitive eating journey.


I was able to develop an honest and open relationship with Kelsey that allowed me to share my food experience in a judgement-free zone.


Through the Emotional Eating Recovery Program I became more self aware of my relationship with food and could heal some deep set beliefs that didn't really make any sense.


If I only took one thing away from these sessions with Kelsey (but trust me, there were countless takeaways!) it would be the liberation that came with knowing that I'm never going to diet, restrict, count, measure, fast or pass the responsibility of my own health over to anyone else's expectations of my body ever again.



Let's get down to business

 How much is the investment?



(only 20 spots available)

​Here's what's included:

  • An 8-week program focusing on health and wellness for the mind, body, and soul


  • 8 weekly group coaching virtual calls with Kelsey + 24/7 replay access


  • 16 quizzes and worksheets to integrate each module

  • Emotional Eating Rescue Plan

  • 30-Day Affirmation Challenge


  • 7-Day Mindful Movement Challenge


  • The Intuitive Eating Journal -- a HWK Exclusive!

  • Weekly video, book and podcast recommendations to enhance your learning

  • Private group virtual platform to connect with and support other participants


  • Lifelong access to the entire program -- it's yours to keep FOREVER!

  • Unlimited e-mail support


  • A total health transformation --physically, mentally, and emotionally

Invest in your joyful living with a one-time payment $1297

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(only 5 spots available)

All of the benefits in the regular program, plus...


  • Two 50 minute 1:1 private coaching calls with Kelsey (valued at $450!) 

  • THREE bonus guides to give you extra support along your intuitive eating journey (valued at $297!)

    • The Intuitive Kitchen: A beginner's guide to guilt-free grocery shopping and using your intuition in the kitchen

    • Raising Intuitive Eaters: Bringing up the next generation with food freedom and body confidence

    • Intuitive Eating On-The-Go: ​Simple and easy tips for eating mindfully for busy people and travellers

  • Two months of FREE unlimited access to the Healthy With Kelsey On-Demand Fitness Studio (valued at $40)

Invest in your joyful living with a one-time payment of $1597

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There are 2 ways to join the program!

Payment Plans

Regular Payment Plan

Break it down into 3 monthly payments of $475

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VIP Payment Plan

Break it down into 3 monthly payments of $585

Registration Closed

This program is for you if:

  • You want to break free from the weight cycling effects of dieting and deprivation.

  • ​You constantly find yourself analyzing what you should and shouldn't eat.

  • ​You want to learn to feel your feelings and nourish your emotional needs without using food.

  • Y​ou're ready to stop the cycles of eating well and feeling good about yourself to eating bad and feeling like your life is falling apart.

  • You want to stop loathing your body and learn to love and respect all it does for you.

  • You want to stop criticizing every food choice and be a diet culture rebel.

Fresh Bread Composition
Blueberry Pancakes

This program is not for you if:

  • You want strict rules and a rigid plan (I'll provide structure and templates, but the goal is to cultivate self-awareness and learn how to let your body be your advisor.).

  • You want a quick-fix. Intuitive eating is a process that takes time, but it will be an invaluable asset for the rest of your life.

Take a Peek at What You'll Get

All the best intuitive eating tools delivered right to your device!

HWK Exclusives


Emotional Eating Rescue Plan

Use this 12-page personal toolkit to create healthy coping strategies to tackle emotional eating. Whenever you desire to use food to handle stressful situations, referring to this plan will help you find an alternative solution. I've also added over 25 of my favourite food-free tools as a guide!


Intuitive Eating Journal

This go-to notebook is designed to help you tune into your body's hunger and fullness cues. As you take notice of your body's signals, you'll use the journal to reflect on your eating patterns, mood, and food satisfaction. This HWK exclusive also includes a daily checklist with gentle reminders to tap into your intuition at each meal time.

Program Features


Community Support from Fellow
Anti-Diet Badasses

Join the diet rebel party! Our group program utilizes a private Telegram group chat so you can interact with your fellow program buddies. Throughout the 8-week program, we’ll support each other, share and celebrate your wins, provide resources and challenges, and stay connected on this journey to food freedom.


7-Day Mindful Movement Challenge

This go-to notebook is designed to help you tune into your body's hunger and fullness cues. As you take notice of your body's signals, you'll use the journal to reflect on your eating patterns, mood, and food satisfaction. This HWK exclusive also includes a daily checklist with gentle reminders to tap into your intuition at each meal time.

VIP Bonuses


150+ Body Positive Workouts On-Demand

Enjoy 2 months of free access to my on-demand workout library featuring 150+ diet culture free workouts. My signature HWK classes feature a mix of home fitness routines, including cardio, strength-building, and stretching with and without equipment. You can easily filter through the classes by duration, intensity and equipment to find a workout best suited to your unique level.


Intuitive Eating Guides

VIP participants will receive three guidebooks that are jam-packed with insights and relatable tips to make intuitive eating a lifelong behaviour for you and your household. Whether you're travelling, doing a grocery store run, or cooking for your family, you'll be able to tune into your intuition and model mindful eating. 

Alie S.

"I think I have brought up this program in every conversation I have had over the past two months. I call it "The most amazing group therapy I have ever been in!" The understanding that I'm not alone, I'm not broken, my brain/mind/willpower isn't broken - these have been life changing outcomes for me. This is so much deeper than recovering from emotional eating, although that in and of itself would have been life-changing. Kelsey, you taught us about repairing the relationship with our mind, body and soul and reconnecting to the love, and power that we have within us."

Wait... I still have questions

Don't worry, so did others!

  • How can I access the coaching calls?
    Before the program begins, you will receive a welcome package via e-mail containing a link for the weekly coaching calls. You don't need to download anything to join the call. Simply click the zoom link and boom, there you are!
  • Will I have to invest additional time outside of the coaching calls?
    I ask that my clients invest at least 2-3 hours a week into this program. That includes 90 minutes for each of the weekly calls and about 1 additional hour for the integration exercises. Of course, you're more than welcome to invest extra time depending on how detailed you are in your journaling, worksheets and other assignments within the program!
  • What if I can't make a session?
    Worry not! All live coaching calls are recorded and available for replay so you never miss a beat!
  • What if I live in a different time zone?
    Coaching calls are on Wednesdays at 5pm PST/8PM EST. I work with many clients internationally and session recordings will always be available if you can't make the live call. You can also submit a question for me to answer in the next session!
  • What if I need additional support?
    Throughout the 8 weeks, unlimited e-mail support is included with this program. For questions that require a more detailed response, I offer 1:1 coaching calls to address specific questions clients have regarding their personal journey. These appointments are available to book on an as-needed basis and will incur additional fees. *If you book the VIP program package, you get 2 Private 1:1 coaching calls included to book at your convenience!
  • 🆘 What if I don't see my question here?
    Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at I'm here to help!

You are worthy. That's it. Now, it's time to start living like it. Regain your freedom from diet culture and create peace with your body through intuitive eating.

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