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Shop My Spring Workout Outfits


Shop my favourite workout gear and trending seasonal colours from lululemon's Spring 2021 collection!

FTC: This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something I may earn a small commission. Although you do not have to use these links, by doing so you are supporting my business so that I can continue to keep making amazing free content for you! All affiliate links above are products that I use and wholeheartedly believe in the quality of!


Okay I have been dreaming of the day the lululemon Align™ leggings came with pockets. If you are already obsessed with these buttery soft leggings, then my friend you are about to be BLOWN AWAY!

The leggings are ultra stretchy and high waisted. They are my go-to leggings for yoga and light exercising (nothing too abrasive like lifting barbells). They say put without rolling down and they are squat proof! I am wearing the 23" crop style but these also come in a 25" legging too!

The material is thin but has great coverage but I would still recommend wearing these leggings with seamless undies, a thong or commando (don't worry the gusset ensures no camel toes here!)

On top I'm wearing the Power Pivot Tank Rib. I love this top because you can actually wear it both ways! One side has a nice high coverage front and the other side has a deep V neck. It looks really cute both ways but with the V neck I would recommend wearing a sports bra as it does dip quite low if you are well-endowed in the lady bits!

The material is super stretchy and has soft ribbing which is a really nice texture with the lululemon Align™ leggings.

The tank top comes down to about my bellybutton and I am 5'2 for reference.

On my feet, I've got on these classic Reebok C 85 sneakers in white/grey. I was looking at white sneakers for weeks and finally settled on these ones as I am diggin' the vintage style and they look cute with everything. Jeans, dresses, leggings, skirts.. EVERYTHING! They're definitely going to be my go-to sneakers this spring/summer!


I seriously feel like a Black barbie doll wearing this colour! It really "pops" and would suit every skin tone so well. The ripened raspberry colour is like a bright magenta and I am living for it!!

These Invigorate High-Rise Crop leggings are one of my top go-to leggings for all types of workouts (and obviously have pockets DUH- pockets are everything!)

The 23" crop hits me just above the ankle but I am a shorty at 5'2 so they make for the perfect ankle leggings for me. If you're taller, they would make for really cute crops! I believe they also come in a 17" knee length as well.

They are high rise and nicely fitted at the waist without digging in. They also have a drawstring and a hidden pocket in the back (no zippers!) The best thing about these leggings in that they have great compression and this colour doesn't show any of my cellulite (but really, who gives a hoot--we all have it!)

These leggings are super quick dry and the material is really soft and stretchy and breathable. In the reviews, some people complained about the calves being baggy but I haven't found that at all!

I own these leggings in 5 different colours because I love them so much!

On top, I've got on the Align™ Tank. Just like the leggings above, this tank top material has that same buttery softness. It has removable bra pads as well.

For reference I am a 34D and this tank fits quite nicely, but I would imagine if you are larger chested, it may not offer enough support for jumping type workouts. It does create a little bit more cleavage but some of you out there might want just that!

I am planning to use this tank for some lighter, low impact workouts and again avoiding anything abrasive when wearing it because the material is so soft it may snag if you're not careful. That being said it is well made and I own this tank top in the "submarine" colour too and its in great condition after regular wear over the last 6 months!

This is only the beginning of some of the lululemon Spring collection colours and I can't wait to see what else gets dropped next! I am a bit of an addict and scour their website weekly for the best finds, so I hope to write more outfit blogs soon!

Happy Shopping!



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