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Voted one of Vancouver's Best Nutritionists four years in a row!


Hi, I’m Kelsey

My pronouns are she/her and I am an award-winning Body Positive Health and Wellness Coach and the owner of Healthy With Kelsey Inc. I operate from a home-based business in Vancouver British Columbia on a mission to help folx take the shame out of their wellness game through joyful movement, making peace with food and stepping into their personal power so they can live whole-hearted and fulfilling lives.


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Fast forward your health 

Create Your Unique Path to Wellness

True healing begins from the inside out and the belief that you deserve to heal. Most people believe that they are solely responsible for their poor health and that is simply not true. Past trauma, social conditioning and outdated food paradigms are contributing factors that often go unrecognized. We beat ourselves up for thinking we should do better, when in fact the very systems that promise to save us are actually creating the problems in the first place. We were sold a dream that was doomed to fail from the start.

I'm here to offer you something you may not have tried, yet might be the only sustainable approach for your health that honours your personal autonomy. Listening to your own body, forging your own path and intuitively guiding yourself towards wellness. It starts with understanding your unique genetic blueprint and how your body operates on a biological, mental and emotional level. Then re-building a healthy relationship with your body and creating a new narrative within your inner dialogue that is free of guilt and shame. Followed by learning to honour your hunger and build back your trust around food again. And lastly, the implementation of movement therapies that allow you to explore your body in new ways through a fitness regimen that feels good.

It's time to find comfort in the discomfort and make peace with your body once and for all!

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Through Kelsey's Emotional Eating recovery program, I became more self aware of my relationship with food and could heal some deep set beliefs that didn’t make any sense. Kelsey is inspirational, realistic, and totally relatable. For me, it was a great fit!


Kelsey is kind, compassionate, and a wonderful empathetic teacher and her group coaching program was a miracle to find.


"“Anyone can tell you how to properly perform a squat, push up, a lunge. It takes something else entirely to teach someone how to believe in their self. Thank you Kelsey!"


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