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Kelsey Ellis

Body Positive Trainer  |  Health & Fitness Expert

Kelsey (she/her) is a Black, award-winning, body-positive Health and Fitness Expert based in Vancouver, Canada


🇨🇦 You may recognize her from recent publications in Strong Magazine, Popsugar Fitness, Best Health, The Washington Post, ABC News

She is both a Registered Non-Diet Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer on a mission to empower you to take the shame out of your wellness game through showing up fiercely, letting go of self judgment, honouring your body with joyful movement.


Kelsey teaches body-positive workout classes that center physical movement from a wellness-centered approach and you'll feel encouraged to move your body in a way that feels best for you!

You can expect to leave Kelsey’s mood-boosting fitness classes feeling energized and inspired to love yourself a little bit more!

My Approach

I see you.

I will see you for all that you are without judgement. I will see you for the beautiful soul that are you are and help you to see your potential, even if you don't see it for yourself. I will not encourage you to change yourself but rather elevate you to show up in this world as the greatest version of yourself.

I hear you.

I will give you my undivided attention and listen with an open heart. I will give you space to speak your truth and lend an open ear to release your anger, fears and self-doubts for I believe that self-expression is the greatest form of medicine towards healing self-limiting beliefs.

I honour you.

I will respect your individuality and meet you where you are at. No goal is too big or too small. I will honour your experience and struggles with the knowing that the obstacles are the way towards a deeper connection to yourself and an opportunity for self-growth.


What makes me different from other coaches?

1.  I am an expert

With over 12+ years in the industry and 750+ clients, I am expert in the field of fitness & nutrition and I have the credentials and real client testimonials to back it up. Just ask!


2.  This isn't my  "side hustle"

I believe that this work is my true calling and my life's purpose, not just a job. I have dedicated my life to helping people step into their personal power and it brings me SO much joy!

Being paid is just a bonus.


3.  I will respect your   time  and  energy

I understand that your time and energy is a precious gift that should not be wasted. I work with an efficient and effective approach so that you get results without compromising your health.


4.  I  walk the   talk

I live an authentically healthy lifestyle, but I am compassionate and supportive because my life has not always been this way and I can truly understand where you are coming from.



​BCRPA Certified Personal Training:

Fitness Theory

Weight Training

Personal Training

Group Fitness

Emergency First Aid & CPR

Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.)

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN)

Certified Professional Life Coach

Rhodes Wellness College

Shoden Level I Jikiden Reiki Practitioner

Awards & Recognition

Voted Runner Up Best Nutritionist in Vancouver by Vancouver Courier (2022, 2021, 2020)

Voted Best Nutritionist in Vancouver by Vancouver Courier (2019)


As seen in


I am committed to social justice and I strive to run a fully inclusive and welcoming practice for clients of all sizes, ethnicities, religious affiliations, sexual orientations and gender identities.

My services may be covered by some extended health insurance benefits or health spending accounts. You can contact your extended benefits provider to inquire about coverage amount for Registered Holistic Nutritionists.

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